Dear Mr. Guradan,

I have a specialty commission and was told you were the one to seek for tricky items.  Might I come calling, and do you mind if my dog comes?


Lt. C. Cook c/o the Jail, Bree.


Deer Mr. Arowhart,

I kneed two get in tuch with Miss Leofrun or somewun else magik.  Kan yoo help?


Mr. Brodi Carpentur

PS: Its abowt the wich.


Dear Mr. Marshfield,

Forgive my laxity in writing of late, but Spring does take its toll.  All is well in our corner of the world and yet again I have escaped the worst of the Spring rains without the house collapsing in dramatic fashion.  Belion thrives and has grown old enough to show signs of a most excellent personality, both inquisitive and imperious and intelligent.  Have you a spare primer to hand?  I seem to have misplaced mine, and he might need guidance in the alphabet soon.

Enclosed is one of Luned’s tales written as she spoke it.  It should prove a worthy edition to your collection and does, I think, represent a legend of the Gawain cycle that you do not have as yet.

I wish you the joy of the fine days and fresh produce.  Mind your feet.


Helvia Leafcutter Smith


Dear Mrs. Jane,

Thank you very much for the nice party.  The kittens were perfect and I liked the cake.  Thank you for inviting Tessa.  It was the best birthday I remember.


Mr. Geoffrey Glazier

P.S. I made you a bead.  I made it all by myself and Papa just watched.  Tessa says it’s good enough.  Be careful because it’s tied to a string in the wax.  Lady Celeveren let me use her good wax!  G.G.

More P.S. Nobody told me to make it I just wanted to because I like you.  Tessa said I better write the note, though.  G.G.

As advertised, a bead dangles from a string stuck into the wax seal.  It’s about the size of a flattened marble and is spring green with a daisy at its heart.  It’s clearly not masterwork, but has a talented flair nonetheless.


The following note is in elegant Sindarin calligraphy using Feanorian cirth like the textbook does.  It is repeated in Westron.

Miss Robson,

Your report on the habits and customs of the common brown ant was exemplary, though I do urge you to make better use of the dictionary, or to ask Mrs. Anna if it be not handy.  You will find something of interest in the North window, though I suggest you first consult the tome enclosed herein.  I have left pages blank for you to keep notes for your reference.  Come to me if the words are hard, but I think you advanced enough to try on your own first.  You may let Geoffrey see, but not shake.  Keep it out of your Naneth’s kitchen and never leave it in direct sunlight.  Be mindful of the lives over whom you will watch.

Elbereth shine brightly on you,


The note is slipped into a hand-copied treatise on the care and keeping of ant farms.  It is in Sindarin on one page with a Westron translation on the opposite, and is followed by pages of forms with spaces for observation on tunnel shapes, burrowing habits, behaviors, and population.  A frame with exotic pinkish sand pressed between two clear glass panes is sat in the window with “Tessa Robson” burnt into the cherrywood stand.


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