Knights in White Satin

Dearest Nallo,

Guradan tells me you’ve returned in triumph, and the Master will tell me nothing at all.  Would you care to stop by for tea and biscuits?   I’ll be looking for you the next clear day we have, and with luck, I’ll be in a state worth seeing.

I’ve missed you dreadfully.



To the Master Apothecary, Bree-town,

I am in a position to request an apprentice.  Candidates should be sent to the Lond Sennas offices in Snowflood.  I would also like to formally register my spouse and child as my official dependents.


Master Helvian Leafcutter Smith, Snowflood Apothecary


To Master Smith, Snowflood,

We have only one unassigned apprentice at present, an untrained lad whose family is unable to sponsor his room and board.  You may choose to take him at your own expense, but we will need your co-signatory to confirm that you have the wherewithall to provide room and board for the full five year term.  I am required to remind you that you cannot turn him out for any reason other than incompetence.

As regards your other request, you know full well that the beneficiary fund is intended for widows.  I need not say more on that topic, I trust.  In the event of your spouse’s death, your pension will transfer to your son, of course, and he will have preference and sponsorship should he choose to inherit your place.


Danric Stiller, Master Apothecary, Bree-town.


To Master Stiller, Greetings.

Master Leafcutter Smith and I are willing and able to provide for the apprentice, should he meet with the Master’s approval.


Guradan of Snowflood.


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