Renamed Categories! A Key.

For those of you who keep track of these things, I’ve redone my scheme of titling from character names to more florid titles.  Here is what’s what:

Bearing it = Broddi

Confessions from the Silent World = Cynewynne

Days of Future Passed = stories set in the speculative future

Desert Rose = Aminah

Fierce as a dragon in a pinch = Verdi and the hobbitverse

Heart of Glass = Brentonn

In Living Memory = Celeveren

In the Land of Roses = Aminah’s backstory series

Letters are letters, ditto Reference and RP prompts and silliness

Song of the Mist Queen = Hithuiris, AKA Sidbain

Tales of the Sands = Fabricated Haradrian folktales

Three’s Company = Helvia

Wild Child = Tatharien


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