Worlds Apart

In Haradrian

Honored Mother,

It was cold for the first time today.  Mother Sedileth says that because we live in the mountains, it gets colder more quickly.  There was white fur that hurt to touch all over everything this morning, and then the flowers died!  I was so upset I cried.  Adia says it happens every year, but they always come back.  Mother Sedileth says that the fur is made out of water that has become so cold that it turns hard, and that soon it will fall from the sky!  I didn’t believe her at all, and Adia says she’s never seen it.  But last year Adia wasn’t in the mountains, so perhaps she just wasn’t high enough.  Khassan says he saw some last year too, and he swore on the Underriver that he told the truth.  How can it be so cold that water turns to stone?  It is already very, very cold here!

Padrian got me a coat.  It is bright blue and has white fur inside, and there is a white fur thing for my hands.  There are matching boots and a hat.  It’s very pretty, but I didn’t think it was fair that I had something so nice and Adia didn’t, so I had decided to thank Padrian nicely and not wear it.  But!  Uncle Angthul got Adia a pink coat with spotted fur, so it’s all right now.  Someone should get Branner a coat too, even if he is a naughty boy.  If it gets any colder, he may die, and that wouldn’t be fair.  I will ask a boon of Mother Teriel and see what she thinks.  It will be easier to get him one because boys don’t care if they have pretty coats.

Firstmother is much recovered and spends a good deal of time in the kitchens.  She doesn’t learn the tongue of the Northerners quickly, but I help her so it’s all right.  We’re both learning to knit.  This is a kind of weaving, but you do it with long wooden needles instead of a loom.  It’s not as pretty as embroidery, but it’s warmer.

Khassan says our people are all in good, warm houses for the winter, and Ada’s people are  helping them learn how to do what must be done when the rock-water falls from the sky.  Lerlita’s baby died and everyone is very sad about it, but even Sitt Merrit said that nothing could be done.  Everyone keeps saying at least it was a girl, but that seems wrong.  Lerlita is still sad anyway.  Khassan takes me to visit so she won’t be lonely so much.  Other than that, things are well.  Nobody has tried to kill anyone, and the Northerners are mostly nice to us.  Sometimes people have arguments, but Khassan and Mother Teriel stop it pretty quickly.

Adia and I are making things for the baby when he comes.  We would like to know if he has a favorite color yet.  It’s very important.

In obedience,

Nafisah bint’Abdul bint’Aziz al’Behd’ad

In Wobbly but Improved Westron

Dear Ada Glariond,

Very much congratulations on the baby and many thank yous for the little brother or sister.  I am hope that Adia and I may share him?  She won’t get any brothers or sisters, so it would be more fair that way.  We came up with names for to help you with the deciding, but Mother Sedileth say you already picked one.  It is very long, we think.

Please, is it true that water turns hard and fall from the sky here?  I am very worried.  It does not sound safe or right.  The sheep might get hurt.  Can you not ask a priestess of Air to stop it?  Please?  I do not want to being hurt by rock water from the sky.  The sheep do not want either.  I do not even want Branner to get hurt by this, and I do not like him very much right now.  He said my coat is a silly girl coat.  It is a girl coat, but it is not silly!  Padrian got it for me.  Is Padrian my big brother now?  I would like that.  He is very nice and handsome and has a very pretty horse.  He brings me sweets.

Please tell the sky not to drop hard water on us.  And if you can’t make it stop in time, could Branner please have a coat?  He can be mean sometimes, but he isn’t always and it’s cold here and we can’t play tag without him.


Nafisah, Lady Arathalion

P.S. What is a goat humper?  Goats do not have humps.  Camels do.  I am not understanding.


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  1. llonwyn says:

    Oh how many ways do I love Nafisah? Lots.

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