Some Letters

To Oendir,

I hope you’re healing, and pardon this intrusion into your rest.  I would appreciate if you would arrange for Broddi, Ceceil, and I to take possession of Leofryn’s body for burial rites. She has left her family instructions and, due to the circumstances, we will care for our dead privately.

I will be taking a leave indefinitely from any future expeditions.  I hope you will trust my judgement when I say that I am in no way fit for duty at present.

With regards and best wishes,

C. Cook


Dear Desmira,

I hope to visit your shop soon, though family obligations will keep me busy for a time.  In the interim, would you be so good as to find me a few sets of colored chalks?  I would also like to contract for some embroidery for sheet linens and curtains, preferably something involving daisies and dandelions.  I know you keep some fine lamps in stock, and will be by to choose from you selection.




Dear Rosemead,

Broddi has doubtless told you some of our news, both the joy and the sorrow.  Family business will consume my time for the week, but afterwards I would be grateful for familiar faces and work that does more to feed than to kill.  Do let me know if it’s at all feasible.

Fond regards,




I’ll need you out of the rooms for the better part of the day.   You’ll find out why later.  I know you’re on duty, but no sneaking in to look for cookies.  They’re on your desk.

With love,


P.S. Orange goes with everything, doesn’t it?


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