Dear Toby,

I was hoping, if you’re not busy, that you’d come with me to the Bywater Revelers concert this weekend.  It’s my thirty-third, and I want I’d like to spend it with you.  My coming of age party is at the Bolger’s that afternoon, but you don’t have to come if you’re busy.  Gaffer Catherman says it will be clear enough to stargaze.  You promised you’d show me which one’s which.    Just come if you can.  But I hope you can. I’ve got something for you.




Dear H.,

The patient improves, thank goodness, enough to give copious generous advice on the proper raising of small sons.  I’ve been writing it down, never fear.  She’s done wonders for B’s manners.  How lucky you are to have such a wonderfully talented and caring mother.  I’ve managed to visit this week in person.

Results from my latest experiments are negative, thank goodness for the neighborhood, but positive for the well.  Do send word to all affected parties to add garlic to their diets immediately, symptoms or no.  I shall be needing the key, or if the key is not available, someone versed in the circumvention of locks.

Please have someone assess the roof.  It’s very important that someone assess the roof.  Say nothing to the other parties affected yet save the admonition about the garlic.  There is enough suffering in this world without adding another drop.  Add only that she has my love and my support.  She was always kind when she had no reason to be, and I will not see any harm befall her while I draw breath.

The weather warms and the ground dries.  The pace accelerates.  S.C. should be indulged in whatever manner you deem most appropriate, given her thoroughness.  I gave her some coin and made her swear to keep it for her own savings.

You have my affections always,



Dearest Nallo,

You have love, and always will, no matter what you choose.  Not despite of what or who you are, but because of it.  You forget that sometimes.  Please don’t.



Anubis, guardian of paths, bring him to me, and bring him soon.  Please, bring him here.  And mother Isis, in your mercy, help this child sleep.  Gods of this land, or valar, or whoever rules this chaos, reward Guradan of Gondor richly with honor and gold.  May he have flocks of sons, each his image of strength to support his old age.  Grant me the honor of repaying him my child’s life and freedom.  And for Maheera, that which is due a faithful servant, fourfold.  But now, if this one may ask, please, please let this child’s coughing ease so she can sleep.  Please, please let her s…  sorry what?  Ah yes.  We begin again.





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