I have a problem


That’s my problem.  It’s been helping me through a particularly nasty week of icky complicated health stuff lately, and now, I inflict upon you the madness.  There is more.  This is just the tip of the iceberg.

First we have this gem – My elemental elves.

From left to right, Sidbain (Earth), Tatharien (water), Taenhir (Fire), and Celeveren (Air).

But wait!  There’s more.  Borasvar and Celeveren spent a few years teaching at Hogwarts during the early 1990s.  Betcha weren’t ready for that.  Here they are posing in Hogsmeade.  Cel taught potions.  Bor taught Defense Against the Dark Arts.  Celeveren was bitter because she wanted to teach Defense against the Dark Arts.  Ganda… er, Dumbledore told them to chill.

OK, I have no explanation for why Cynewynne is playing quidditch or why Thragan has the marauder’s map, or why Luned is a fluffy white cat.  Cynewynne has a pet spider because it’s… um… going to get really big.  Shut up!  They’re in Gryffindor, ok?

Edit: Kalidah.  From Slytherin.


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5 Responses to I have a problem

  1. pooryorrick says:

    Oh god, I’m dying right now. Hahahahaha.

  2. llonwyn says:

    Awesome. *laughs* ..and sure, Thragan would have the map. It gives a distinct tactical advantage.

  3. celeveren says:

    I’m working on Kalidah. She’s in Slytherin.

  4. Laenlis says:

    Luned the fluffy white cat!

  5. amimain says:

    …Oh lordy. I’m so lucky I’m at work right now or my day would be gooooone.

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