Just one more.

Nallo, Kendry, and ickle firstie Helvia.  How did they all get Weasley sweaters?  I don’t know, but that Slytherin asshat Tad is coming to call them all Ravenclaw Mudbloods and make fun of them because they don’t have brand-new Firebolts like he does.  Jackass.  It’s ok.  They’re going to invent all kinds of new prank charms to make his life miserable.


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3 Responses to Just one more.

  1. amimain says:

    Nallo is worried about what Kendry’s plans are with that book.

  2. celeveren says:

    I think she just might get detention for hitting Tad with it. Or will Helvia wingardium leviosa Nallo’s quill up Tad’s nose? It’s a toss-up.

  3. celeveren says:

    That books really could do some damage if it drops lower, though.

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